Artist’s Statement Chronicles

Chronicles of War

Artist’s Statement

Chronicles of War, my current series of multiple panel paintings, is a reflection on the unfathomable and tragic ubiquity of warfare throughout history. At the same time it is also a reflection on the contrasting, equally powerful drive toward harmony, beauty and peace. All the images in the paintings, whether depictions of violence or peace, are quoted directly from art history and photojournalism; none of the images is my own. What is mine is the bringing of them together, accumulation, repetition and reiteration of similar actions taking precedence over any single event or depiction, the juxtaposition of opposing ones offering a disquieting contrast.

Each painting has a unique theme depicted in the central image and named in the title. The subsidiary images repeat and reflect the theme imagistically, conceptually and aesthetically. In format the paintings are based loosely on renaissance altarpieces, consisting of multiple panels symmetrically arranged and framed with decorated gold leaf borders. The symmetry allows for pairings of images, creating echoes and contrasts. The visual reference to religion, along with evoking a sense of spiritual harmony, calm and beauty through the use of decoration and gold leaf also speaks to the alarming basis of so many wars throughout history fought in the name of God, under the auspices of religion.